Training with the students

In Malaysia

In October we conducted a training course with 25 students of the school. They learned more about our environment, the sun, solar energy and energy saving possibilities. Together, we exchanged ideas how we can involve other people to prevent further climate change and to motivate them to help saving our nature.
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Of course we also did some experiments: After we demonstrated different roof pitches and shading situations, the students could measure the impacts immediately. At the end they got some sets to experiment with and build e.g. models of solar powered cars or revolving planes.

In Germany

According to our theme 'Environmental protection has no borders' Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH conducted also a training course with the children in Germany. Since many years we are visiting different schools to raise awareness for the topics Renewable Energies, Climate Change, Solar Energy and Energy Saving. This time we were following the invitation of the 30th Mittelschule Dresden (an high school in Dresden). Together we discussed the previous mentioned topics and allocated experimenting sets to make the topic more tangible for the children.

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The children of the 30. Mittelschule Dresden and the children of the SM St. Michael School Penampang are connected via a closed group on Facebook (social media platform) and should exchange ideas and thoughts. Our aim is to find more schools around the world who want to join this project...for a better intercultural exchange and a stronger environmental consciousness worldwide.