Installation of the energy system

The Ingenieurbüro Regenerative Energiesysteme Siebert - Engineering consultancy for renewable energy systems Siebert - and Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH - Team faced the challenge to install the 5.4 kWp PV system including a storage and monitoring system in less than three days due to the delayed delivery of our technical components.
Thanks to efficient project management, perfect teamwork and with kind support of local partners we successfully installed the system on time. Since then the PV system produces green energy for the St. Michael School and all pupils are informed about the produced energy and CO2 - savings by a display next to the kiosk.IMGP2735
Technical details:IMGP2720

Installed capacity: 5.4kWp
24 Solarwatt M225-96 GET AK panels
(3 strings à 8 panels)
Panel area: 40m2
1 SMA SMC 4600TL inverter
Estimated annual energy yield: 7000 kWh
Estimated annual CO2 – savings: 4,5t

Battery storage system:

SMA Sunny Backup 5000
24 Moll OPzV solar 470   473Ah (C100)


1 Sunny Webbox with irradiation and temperature sensor
1 display Rico GA 1000

The current power and CO2 - saving can be seen here...