Project idea

In this project the highlight is not only the installation of the PV system but also the training of the children about environmental protection, renewable energies, solar energy and energy saving. According to the principle:

Environmental protection has no borders

The aim of the project is to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of a Malaysian school and to teach the students about environment protection and renewable energies as well as to encourage international partnerships. Together with a German partner school the students learn about energy saving possibilities and exchange intercultural specialities via social media platforms. Furthermore a competition between the schools is planned in order to see who can save as much energy as possible under local conditions.

Next to impart theoretical knowledge the most important point for the students is to gain practical experience. Almost casually they can get an impression of a steadily growing industry and become environmentally conscious adults. Through applying theoretical knowledge and conducting various experiments the students create new research projects and creative solutions.

We closely cooperate with embassies, chambers of commerce and different ministries in the country of cooperation. A member of the German ambassador and a member of the relevant ministry inaugurated the solar system at a public opening ceremony with a press conference. In Germany a press conference with a presentation of the project took place as well. That is the reason why the Solar Roof programs enjoy popularity in politics, business and the media.