Grand Opening Ceremony in Penampang

With great excitement the students of the SM St. Michael School Penampang and all involved parties anticipated the grand opening ceremony. YB Datuk Raymond Tan, the Minister of Industrial Development Sabah, could be won for the opening speech.

The opening ceremony started at 9 am as the invited guests arrived. As customary in Malaysia, they all gathered and enjoyed an extensive breakfast prepared by the school.

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The official opening started with the traditional dance of the girls to the sound of the Agung-Orchestra played by the boys. The crowd then went on to the school hall where speeches followed by Donal Malingan (Chairman of Board of Govenors), Dr. Ernst Roeder-Mesell (Economic Counselor from the German Embassy Kuala Lumpur) und Gabriele Eichner (Project Director of the German Energy Agency). At the end Mr. Paijan, Permanent Secretary, read out the speech of the Minister which couldn't attend because of problems with his flight.

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After the allocation of presents another highlight followed: The presentation of the students who joined our training in October.  They explained the topics climate change, greenhouse gases, fossil and renewable energy sources in such a colourful way that everyone in the audience was impressed. Completely amazed were all the guests of their exact technical explanation of the installed PV- and Back-up-system. Thunderous applause was the result of the students presentation.

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After all the speeches the VIP's went to the 'Solar Wall'. There is the heart of the system because the Automatic Switchbox, the display (which shows the generated energy and the saved CO2) as well as PV- and Battery-Inverter is installed there. As a symbolic act a ribbon was cutted and group picture was taken as a memory.

At the following press conference moderated by Mr Thomas Brandt (General Manager of the Malaysian-German-Chamber-of-Commerce) the interested journalists were able to ask questions in regards to the project and the installed technology.

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After that the school served typical malaysian food and invited everyone for lunch. In the afternoon the students were prepared to answer further questions. We gave them new presents and new solar cells to tinker and for future experiments.

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The team of the Engineering Consultancy Siebert (Ingenieurbüro Siebert) and Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH want to thank the students of the SM St. Michael School Penampang, the responsible teacher Chris and the principal Marie Yong for the great event and the amazing hospitality during the whole project.