Photovoltaic, Wind & Co. - Power Generation by Renewable energies

We all need electricity for our daily life. Whether it is for lighting or other electrical appliances. Approx. 25% of this electricity is generated by renewable energies, the rest is still coming from fossil energy sources and atom. But fossil energy sources are not available endlessly and atom energy has next to social acceptance still the problem of intermediate and final disposal. In the last ten years the price for black coal has doubled and the price for uranium increased by sixfold. In contrast major cost reductions happened in the field of solar and wind energy. Already today power generation by renewable energies is even without subsidies an economically useful investment


The design of a photovoltaic system requires high engineering and mathematical expert knowledge. Only if a system is well designed according to the rules and regulations, the PV-system can develop its total energy efficiency. Even a too small calculated cable can result in an high loss of revenue. Good single components don´t secure a system with best yields. The "interaction" between the single components is important. To have a sustainable economic reliable system not only the choice of panels is important but also the right inverter. The mounting material is significant as well. Also here, the standard is not good enough for us: We only rely on aluminium or stainless steel components because only these guarantee an almost unlimited durability.

Photovoltaic systems can be mounted roof parallel, roof integrated or elevated. Optical appealing solutions are carport-, terrace or facade systems. The roofing of a patio or carport with solar panels is not only economically useful but also optical attractive. Benefit from a weather protection with simultaneous energy production and increase your independence from external electricity suppliers. You can use the generated energy to supply or backup your household and with the use of an electric car you can fuel for free.

The minimal cleaning efforts and the attractive optic are only two points which speak for an increased use of facade systems at office and industrial buildings.


This form of renewable energies is already used by the humans for a long time. First it played a crucial role for the transportation in the water and later in the ballooning. Aside it was discovered to use wind energy to perform mechanical work with the help of wind mills. Since the oil crisis in the 1970th wind energy is increasingly used to generate electricity. Next to the big on- and offshore systems meanwhile there are also existing economically useful systems for companies and private households. Especially in combination with photovoltaics which often has a contrary production line these systems can increase the autarky and therefore the independence from external energy suppliers. These micro wind turbines are mostly operating vertically and thereby work independently from the wind direction. Another advantage is the applicability in areas with lower wind speed (starting from approx. 1,7 m/s) and the minimal operating noise so that these systems can be also used in inhabited areas. 

Block Heat and Power Plants

A Block Heat and Power Plant generates heat and electricity and uses the principle of the power-heat cogeneration. For the stimulation of the power generation combustion and gas engines or also fuel cells can be used. The during the electricity generation arising waste heat can be used for heating or hot water generation preferably complete and local to achieve an high energy efficiency. A distinction between heat, electricity and grid managed Block Heat and Power Plants is made. Micro and Mini types are useful for single or multi-family houses, companies or communities. With an additional absorption chiller you can use the energy to aircondition buildings.