Solar thermal, heat pump & Co. - Heat generation by renewable energies

Combust – heat – cool - use. All of this is paid by earthly resources. But these resources are limited and that means that the price for our growth increases. Luckily the conventional energy supply is a phased-out model in many areas already. Nowadays it is possible to produce energy for the heat demand of any kind from renewable energy resources and store it to use it anytime when and where it’s needed. With our actions in our daily life we all can decide when, where and especially how we use and generate energy. In Germany in 2010 approx. 46% of the final energy was used for private households and 21% of this for heating or cooling of the room temperature. Solutions are needed which combine and modify economically efficient and resource-friendly technologies in such a way that at the same time an energy-saving use is realised

Solar Thermal

The with the help of solar collectors captured solar energy can be used for hot water generation, heating support, heating of swimming pools and even solar cooling. The different types of collectors offer different advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen wisely according to the individual application.

The solar fraction of a pure hot water generation with the help of solar energy is approx. 80%. It has the advantage that the heating for hot water generation can be switched off during summer months. This is especially used in low energy houses. 

Solar systems with heating support are dimensioned according to the system efficiency. The advantage is the good cost-performance ratio. This is used with low temperature heating system like for example floor and wall heating.

Solar thermal systems for heating support can be used for solar cooling during the summer months. For buildings with huge window area we developed a new system called 'Powered by Shade' which offers various advantages. See for yourself...

Heat Pump

Ambient heat is available everywhere and can be used for heating with a heat pump. The more efficient a heat pump works the less drive current is needed. If the electricity is generated by a solar system, the whole heat supply is emission-free. 

But is ambient heat also reliable in cold winters? That’s already proofed by the high reputation and use of the heat pump technologies in countries like Sweden, Norway and Switzerland which have to endure long and particular cold winters.

Who invests in ambient heat disengages itself from expensive and uncertain energy imports and wins more independence.

Block Heat and Power Plants

A Block Heat and Power Plant generates heat and electricity and uses the principle of the power-heat cogeneration. For the stimulation of the power generation combustion and gas engines or also fuel cells can be used. The during the electricity generation arising waste heat can be used for heating or hot water generation preferably complete and local to achieve an high energy efficiency. A distinction between heat, electricity and grid managed Block Heat and Power Plants is made. Micro and Mini types are useful for single or multi-family houses, companies or communities. With an additional absorption chiller you can use the energy to aircondition buildings.