Energy Management Consulting

Energy quantity and energy costs savings start with the knowledge of energy consumptions and their time dependency. Every non-used kilowatthour is the most beneficial one for your company and our environment. With the help of energy management solution you can make your energy consumption visible but only the systematic questioning and embedding of these data in a energy management system secure a continuous improvement process and therefore steady economic advantages

Software solutions

There are endless possibilities to record your operating data. We advise you on the best solution which integrates your existing metering points and inform you about the different subsidy possibilities. We are manufacturer independent and recommend products according to your individual needs. 

Energy Management according to DIN EN ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 is a worldwide valid norm which supports companies in implementing a systematic energy management system. The implementation is generally voluntary however it brings major advantages for your company:

  • cost reduction due to theillustration of the energy flow, the analysation of energy saving possibilities and the implementation of energy efficiency tasks
  • systematic and long-term improvement of the energy-related performance
  • partiall exemption of highly energy-intensive companies from the renewable energy contribution (depending on the country)
  • Recovery of electricity and energy taxes for companies of the manufacturing trade (depending on the country)
  • Competitive advantage due to the labelling of the products

We offer the following services individual or in combination:

  • Basis analysis (assessment of existing structures)
  • Project planning and process overview (determining of human, structural, temporal and financial ressources)
  • Analysis of the Status Quo (inventory survey, visualisatio of the energy flows)
  • Identification of energy saving potentials (definition of targets, action planning)
  • Measuring data management (installation of a system for energy data gathering and evaluation)
  • Implementing of the energy management system (communication, training, motivation of staff, internal audit, planning of corrective and preventive actions)
  • Preparation for certification

As Energy Management Agent-TÜV and Energy Management Auditor TÜV we can offer the complete range from consulting to implementation and audit.

Contact us - We advise you in regards to the different tasks.