Maintenance, Check-up and Repowering of photovoltaic systems

Do you know how much yield your PV system should generate?

Photovoltaic systems have to achieve high yields and work reliably to be an economic useful and ecologic sustainable investment. Most of the PV systems are not working optimally. The mistakes in the design and installation of these systems are often not visible for the customers but are only noticed in an event of damage. A significant increase in yields is possible. May it be through repair, change of connection or repowering.

It doesn't matter who installed your system or what kind of products are used - We help so that your system is generating again (or for the first time) maximum yields. For this reason it's of utter importance to inspect the system carefully to find the exact mistakes and professionally correct the faults and maintain the system. Photovoltaic is a very specific craft which combines various professions and can be only carried out 100% solidly and in high quality by professionals, like our partner company Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH.

We analyse your system and find the causes if your yields are too low. We also examine whether these were installation faults,  marten damage or product defects and help to secure guarantee claims.

Companies like Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH specialised on installing and maintaining PV systems and take care of the technical process, monitor the system and respond quickly if there is a loss or a blackout. Solarsysteme Sachsen GmbH provides professional services and advice due to their experience and their team of experts. The Solarsysteme Sachsen-Maintenance and service package protects your investment not only in case of a damage but also before that to avoid interruptions.

The Maintenance contract covers:

Visual inspection

  • Check for visible glass damages, discolouring, moss formation or staining, random detail check of the generator field Check of the visible external roof penetration, check for damages of the isolation and visible aging symptoms (cracks or discolouring due to UV-rays)
  • Visual control of the visual layed cable for accurate fixation and possible damages
  • Examination of the internal roofing if possible for damages and visible moisture
  • Visual control of the inverter, check for visible staining and damages
  • Visual control of the sub-distribution (AC) optical check of the overload protection (if existent) meater reading and note of meter number


Mechanical examination

  • Module field, random check of the clamping
  • Examination of the circuit points (DC and AC) at the inverter inner staining of the inverter
  • Check of the display of the inverter on plausibility
  • Meter-reading of the yield data and comparison with reference datas and meter
  • recording of the firmware
  • Cleaning of the cooling fins and filter (depending on the type of inverter)
  • Control of the conncetions in the sub-distribution
  • Function check of the earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Function check of the fuses
  • Control of the clamp connection
  • Check of the cable labelling


Electrical test

  • Current-Voltage measurement or characteristic curve measurement of the strings
  • Execution of a FI-measurment (incl. protocol)
  • Execution of an electrical grounding measurement (incl. protocol)
  • Infrared examination by our certified Thermograpph Level 2 according to ISO 18436
  • Electroluminescence examination

We happily take over Maintenance and Repair works, whether it's a private or an industrial system. Here you can download our contact form for a non-binding inquiry...

Our independent, TÜV- and ISO-certified expert can help to assess the damage and prepare appropriate documents for courts and insurances.

Our areas of consulting contain:

  • Call for bids
  • Expert report on yields, revenue forecast, location evaluation
  • Site supervision and expert report on the installed system
  • Acceptance report
  • Revenue optimisation of PV systems
  • Securing of guarantee claims
  • Measure of damages, damage analysis and expert report
  • Measurement of characteristics, monitoring, thermographic & Electroluminescence test
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Battery Storage Systems