Thermal Generator

Steadily increasing energy and CO2 saving targets together with rising costs for primary energy carrier urge to find new possibilities for improvement in efficiency especially in the field of energy conversion processes.  

The energy consumption in industrial processes is of particular importance in this case. The economic energy saving potential for industrial process heat applications is 49 TWh. 

A promising technology, who is making the use of the arising waste heat possible, is the application of thermoelectric generators. Eine vielversprechende Technologie, die die Nutzung der anfallenden Abwärme ermöglicht, ist der Einsatz von thermoelektrischen Generatoren. With our solution in development the arising waste heat is converted into electricity as fast as possible and with low installation effort.

Just like the thermal generator itself our system is characterized by an high durability and a low maintenance effort.

At the moment we are looking for a practical application. Please send in your application if your process landscape possess approx. 300°C waste heat and a cold source with approx. 10-20°C.