Powered by Shade - The unique shading system

'Powered-by-Shade' is a new, energy generating system designed to fulfill the needs of buildings with huge window areas and therefore high cooling or heating demand.

Learn more about 'Powered by Shade' and how it can help to lower your energy costs significantly.



Due to global warming there will be a rising demand for energy to cool buildings in many regions of the world. This will lead to a steadily growing energy need on hot summer days. Whether constructing a new or restructure an existing building, the development of a wise and affordable overall energy concept which also considers the use of renewable energy sources is necessary. This helps to increase the independency from external energy which leads to lower energy operating expenses and shows a responsible action towards the environment due to the sustainable reduction of CO, emissions.


'Powered by Shade' protects the interior spaces against unwanted heat radiation and also converts the solar energy into thermal energy. Depending on the season this energy can be used for heating household water, for supporting the heating system or in combination with a thermal chiller for air-conditioning.

Your advantages at a glance:

Reliable Technologies
The system is based on technologies which are already well established on the market. The combination of these technologies boosts the value of the system. 

High Flexibility
Due to the smart design different sizes and colours can be realised so that the system can be customised to the building.

Maximum Efficiency
This system is used at the facades of the building so that the rooftop still can be used for other energy systems, e.g. photovoltaic or wind.

Win-Win Profits
The system has numerous advantages: The shading system protects the building from overheating and contributes to a better indoor climate. The integrated vacuum tubes additionally gather the othenivise lost energy which now can be used to cool or heat the building

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